PGA Dobrovlje open 2021

Aves paragliding club was only formed in late 2020 with intention to bring together all paraglider pilots in Savinja valley and to further develop the sport in the region. As accuracy competitions have a history dating back to the 90’s in this region, we have decided to bring them back to locally promote the sport. 

Dobrovlje is a plateau separating the upper and lower Savinja valley in central Slovenia. Its highest peak is just short of 900m above sea level. The launch site is located on the plateaus eastern edge and overlooks the lower Savinja valley. The launch is big enough for four gliders and is flyable in easterly winds. Landing is a big grassy field with no obstacles and is visible from takeoff.

General information

How to get here?

Takeoff dobrovlje

Altitude: 765m AMSL
Hight difference: 450 m
Orientation: East
Size: 2 paragliders

Landing Podvrh

Altitude: 315m AMSL
Type: big open grassy field


Click HERE for more information about takoff/landing.

Important contacts

Organiser email:
Rok Volovlek (Aves president):
Igor Eržen (meet director):

Competition staff

Meet director: Igor Eržen
Chief judge: Sonja Papeš
Event judge: Maja Karas
Launch marshal: Matej Jarm


Emergency number: 112
Slovenian mountain rescue on landing
Medic on landing


Prize fund and scoring categories

Prize fund is set at 1000€ for first 3 places. Later determined if it will be given in prize money or paragliding equipment.

Medals or thropy for:
– Dobrovlje OPEN overall winners
– Dobrovlje OPEN women
– National championship overall winners
– National championship women
– National championship teams

documents and application requirements

– FAI sporting licence
– National pilot licence
– Personal insurance
– Signed application form (you get it at registration desk or download and print it HERE)

Selection of pilots and entry fee

A maximum of 60 pilots is set. 35 places will be reserved for Slovenian pilots who must pay until 1.7.2021. After that pilots will be selected according to their FAI rating, those pilots must pay until 1.8.2021. After that all pilots can enter and whoever pays first is selected.

Prepayment entry fee: 50€
Entry fee at registration desk: 60€

cancellation policy

– Cancellation more then 60 days prior to competition 80% refund
– Cancellation between 60 and 30 day prior to competition 50% refund
– Cancellation less then 30 days prior to competition 0% refund
– Cancellation from organizer due to COVID-19 or weather reasons 80% refund

Registration requirements

– Valid national pilot licence
– FAI sporting licence
– Medical insurance
– Unmodified paragliding helmet (EN966)
– Harness ( EN 1651)
– Paraglider with valid technical check (EN 926/2)
– Rescue parachute

accommodation and food

Pizzeria afrika - food

Just 1 km from landing Dobrovlje with great view of the takeoff, this restaurant will also be our application office and HQ. They offer great pizzas, burgers and other foods. There is a large parking lot, trampoline and ponys for kids.

Click HERE for more information.

Gostilna in hotel grof - food and sleep

About a 15 min drive from landing is Gostilna in hotel Grof. One of the most popular restaurants in Savinja valley, they offer great food for all tastes and also rooms. When booking with them mention the competition and get a discount.

Click HERE for booking or more information.

Brunarica jezero braslovče - food

They offer mainly sea foods as well as other foods and beverages. Located just a 5 min walk from comp site. Overlooking the Braslovče lake it offer great scenery.

Click HERE for more information

Gostilna Parižlje - food

A 5min drive from comp site is Gostilna Parižlje. A restaurant with some tradition is well known in this area. They offer luches, pizzas and other foods at reasonable price.

Click HERE for more information.

Kamp Dolina prebold - Sleep

Located about 10 min drive from comp site, they offer camping and apartments as well as a small swimming pool.

Click HERE for more information.

Camping park latkova vas - sleep

Located about 10 min drive from comp site, they offer camping and rooms.

Click HERE for more information.


Friday 17.9.2021 - Training day

07:00 – Final prepration of the competition area
09:00 – First transport to takeoff for training (3€ per pilot)
11:00 – Judges seminar (to be determined)
18:00 – Pilots registration and welcome at restaurant Afrika


08:00 – Last registrations and mandatory pilot briefing
09:00 – Start of the four competition series
18:00 – Unofficial results of the first day announcement

Sunday 19.9.2021 - competition day 2

08:00 – Pilot briefing
09:00 – Start of the two competition series
15:00 – Unofficial results announcement
16:00 – Closing ceremony and official results announcement